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Justin Bieber's love life is back in the news.  The pop star was reportedly caught locking lips with a girl last week near the end of his "Believe" tour break.  She has since been identified as Jordan Ozuna, a 22-year-old aspiring model and Hooters waitress - who is married. 

Ozuna's marital status came out when her mother-in-law Kim Ozuna gave an interview to "Celebuzz," saying that the young woman had married her son "right out of high school." 

Apparently they have been separated for about a year, while her son has been serving in the Coast Guard.  It appears that Justin only spent time with Jordan last week, when they enjoyed some indoor skydiving in Las Vegas. 

A source tells "E! News" the two were being affectionate throughout the day, which ended with Justin being slapped with a lifetime ban from the skydiving facility. 

Justin is heading back to Vegas on Friday for his "Believe" tour, which continues in Denver and Oklahoma City next week.  

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