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The Valley's Greatest Throwbacks

Lisa St. Regis


Love it! Watch Channing Tatum be interviewed by Reporter with Autism (and a BIG Crush on Him)

The sweetest interview of Channing Tatum by a woman with Autism using an assisted speech device. Great questions Carly!
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Watch as Alligator Rings Doorbell. Really!

Don't answer. I'm just sayin!
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Love This! Arsenio Hall Talks About the Prince He Knew

Arsenio Shares Prince Stories and What Was the Hardest for Him to Handle When Prince Passed
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Adorable Flower Girl Means Business

"You do NOT understand weddings. AT ALL."
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Jay Z Dancing With Blue Ivy at Beyonce Concert

They are sure looking like a happy family
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Usher Naked Snapchat Selfie. Why!?!

Usher taking people to the shower posting on snapchat and trying to cover with emoji.
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Precious! Deaf Toddler Hears Music for the First Time and He's Making It!

Ezra can't hear speech but can hear a few higher frequencies, like the ones made by a recorder. Watch his delight as he realizes he's making music
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Your Dog Doesn't Like Hugs! Really! It's Science.

New study confirms what dog trainers have been saying for a long time. Don't hug your dog!
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Watch as Mother Loses It (Hilariously) When She Hears Pregnancy Announcement

I guess she always wanted to be a Grandma!
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Adorable! Little Boy Gets His Wish to Visit Broccoli Farm

After a disappointment that went viral, little Max gets his greatest wish, a trip to the Broccoli Farm!
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