2 California Lake Towns Among Best In The World

Sunset at Lake Tahoe USA

Photo: Getty Images

If you are scouring the globe for the best place to hop on a boat, kick your feet up and enjoy the Summer sun, look no further than beautiful California.

According to a list compiled by Thrillist, the two California lake towns that make the list of the best lake towns in the world are Arrowhead and Lake Tahoe, California. These towns are especially known for being home to celebrities, and serving as a backdrop for a plethora of popular films.

Here is what Thrillist had to say about Arrowhead and Lake Tahoe:


"This tiny, unincorporated town in the San Bernardino Mountains has been used as a filming location since the industry moved to LA in the early 20th century, creating the backdrops for such esteemed films as the original Parent Trap and, more importantly, Space Jam. But in addition to being a fictional home for Bugs Bunny, it's also been a real home for the likes of Michael Jackson, John Candy, Bugsy Siegel, Sammy Hagar, and dozens more."

Lake Tahoe:

"Clocking in at 72 miles of shoreline, there’s ample space for the rich and famous, we humble plebs, and everybody in between to enjoy one of America’s most popular lake towns. Still, it’s that foremost category that’s really driven this place to widespread acclaim: celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Cher, Liza Minelli, Alanis Morissette, and more have all called Tahoe home."

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