Best Cooking Video You Will See Today

I like to eat... and I know Facebook knows, because every third video in my timeline is from Buzzfeed Food... or D'Lish... and I'm not even mad about it. Now I am a fan of a good hot dog... I'm partial to street dogs, but I don't mind a nice grilled dog now and then. One of the best parts about hot dogs is that you can make them pretty quick. So when I saw this video pop up, and it was over 14 minutes long, I didn't understand why it would take so long to make a hot dog...

But then I was introduced to Cowboy Kent Rollins... He has 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube... and he doesn't just make a hot dog... he MAKES a hot dog. First of all I could listen to him all day... but the best part might be the dance break down right after Cowboy Kent feeds his dogs a hot dog...


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