WATCH: LA Lakers Fans Arrested + Rihanna Sings "We are the Champions"!

So, of course you know that the LA Lakers are the NBA National Champs. They defeated MY Miami Heat 106-93. As amazing as it would have been to see the Heat win, the Lakers have an incredible team. I knew it would be hard + they were playing in honor of Kobe Bryant. They couldn't let him down and they didn't.

So, CONGRATULATIONS to the LA Lakers! And Congratulations to Lebron James for getting that MVP trophy.

There were a lot of celebs celebrating including Rihanna. She has never been shy about being a Lakers & ESPECIALLY a Lebron James fan. She posted a video of her singing, "We Are the Champions" and I'm just saying, she didn't have to do my Miami Heat like that ... she did not have to call them losers lol.

Check out the videos below!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

...And dayum RiRi! You didn't have to do the Miami Heat like that! LOL!